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“We are all just walking each other home.” —Ram Dass ••• Throughout our lives, we all ebb and flow through various connections. Maybe you’re feeling out of touch with yourself, and seeking out your own truths. Maybe you’ve been deeply hurt by a past connection with someone and are seeking healing. Maybe the daily pressures have hit a limit that just doesn’t feel manageable anymore. I want you to know from the get-go that you’re not alone in these struggles, and showing up for yourself is the first (not always easy) step toward healing.

In the therapy setting, I operate eclectically to best help each client or couple with their specific needs. One of my favorite therapy modalities to engage in is EMDR to reprocess various types of past trauma, and even recurring maladaptive beliefs that we hold about ourselves.

I want you to feel entirely safe in this space and know that nothing is off limits. Healing isn’t linear, and I would be honored to hold space for you in the therapy process. Your feelings are valid, and you’re worthy of finding your best life.

Individual therapy: $100 per session

Couples therapy: $125 per session


I believe that the practice of yoga is one way for us to connect with our higher self and allow us to practice gratitude for the capabilities that both our mind and bodies possess.  The intricate way that yoga becomes a lifestyle rather than just a practice on your mat has brought so much awareness into my life.  I would love the chance to better serve individuals in their personal yoga journey and find balance between the body, mind, and soul.

Individual yoga: $75 per session


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